The strategic mission of E-WeREST is to develop scalable and efficient Open Innovations ecosystem around telecommunication and mobile technologies in Eurasia. The E-WeREST organization provides consulting and management services for cross-border collaboration between EU, Russia, CIS and India, and manages operations of regional research and education society of people from industry and academy. E-WeREST membership can be granted to any organization or person, which are interested to contribute in development of the above stated mission and ready to fulfill requirements of E-WeREST membership. E-WeREST supports development of new socially-relevant services, localization and adoption of mobile solutions and latest telecommunication technologies in the daily life. The E-WeREST activities include organization of scientific events, technological contests and olympiads, development of new university courses and programs, regular technological trainings and other activities that support continues improvement and renewal of the university curriculum.

In a nutshell, the main services and values generated by E-WeREST are as follows:

  • Consulting and management of cross-border cooperation for industry and academia
  • Organization of the regular technological forums, conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Creation and maintenance of the world-class community of the ICT experts
  • Promotion of mobile technologies among developers, organization of developer contests
  • Renewal of university courses and localization of study materials on mobile technologies
  • Incubation of highly qualified teams and development of socially relevant mobile solutions
  • Identifying and supporting professional growth of the most talented students and experts
  • Management and development of independent communities around mobile technologies
  • Incubation of new competences and R&D projects (as technological business angel)

E-WeREST group structure includes large academic network and a number of professional communities: